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Endeavour Space Hubs

Space End’s overall aim is to expand the impact and adoption of Space Tech by bringing together space start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, spacetech providers and the digital ecosystem to increase commercial relevance of the technologies across industrial sectors and accelerate their access to market and/or scaling.


Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition brings together Member States, industry, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers, who take action to bridge the current and future digital skills gaps in Europe.


Create IoT

CREATE-IoT (CRoss fErtilisation through AlignmenT, synchronisation and Exchanges for IoT) brings together 18 partners from 10 European countries to stimulate collaboration between IoT initiatives worth €120 million, foster the take up of IoT in Europe and support the development and growth of IoT ecosystems based on open technologies and platforms.


IoT Tribe

IoT Tribe strengthens ties between start-ups, corporates and the broader global deeptech ecosystem. The acceleration programme supports start-ups in their quest for proof-of-value and provides corporate partners with the access to leading edge tech.


Basque Digital Innovation Hub

The BDIH is a European Digital Innovation Hub. It is a connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services, an infrastructure at the service of industrial enterprises, especially SMEs. This infrastructure has its focus on the training, research, testing and validation of industry 4.0 manufacturing technologies and processes. Its 6 nodes cater for: flexible and collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, advanced materials, smart and connected machines and data driven solutions. The BDIH is a reality in operation.

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