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In 1968 the average life-span of a company was 61 years. Today it is 18. This trend is evidence of many things, including the pervasiveness of digital capabilities, human capital and other technologies that make it easier for newcomers to disrupt incumbents. But above all, it is evidence of how hard it is to remain relevant to your customers.

So how can you anticipate the next disruption to your industry? The answer is you can’t. But we can help you to be better prepared for it. We provide you with market-driven insights and access to technology ecosystems to help you, not just survive, but thrive.

our Values

Client Oriented

Our clients have specific needs. To offer state of the art support, we work with partners who have complementary, non-competing technical and/or geographical capabilities to deliver value to our clients.


We develop results-driven methodologies for each assignment. Our methods mean that the results we achieve are evidence-based but also draw on our innovative capacity. This means that we focus on what we are able to achieve for our clients.


We understand digital. Digital is not a single technology – it’s about enhancing value with the current economy and creating beneficial change for society. We use our creativity to deliver the right value to all stakeholders


We believe in the benefits of being part of a global economy. This diversity and richness is reflected in the people that become part of the BluSpecs team.

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