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BluSpecs supports digital transformation in organisations with services that range from strategic positioning, in-house corporate venturing, go to market strategies and technological adoption. Our approach combines analytical skills with creativity and the ability to tap into global networks to support clients who want to harness the power of digital technologies for engaging with customers and solving business problems.

Shaping the Future Workshops

As they say, the only constant is change. Working your own team we help craft and define new ways to grow, harnessing the power of digital to meet the challenges you are facing. We offer 1 or 2 day workshops that are tailored to your needs. They are intended to unleash the potential within your own organisation and define the resources, technology and unique market opportunities that you can use to position yourself in the future.

Technology Ecosystems

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate with new innovations as likely to come from outside your organisation as from within.

Connecting with start-ups, SMEs and market leaders across different verticals is a key strategy for improving your ability to adapt and take advantage of market disruption.

In-House Acceleration

Nurture your in-house talent. We can help you develop intrapreneurship programmes that grow the skills, capacity and engagement of the people within your organisation, stimulating innovative thinking and enable them to deliver new sources of growth and productivity.

Go to Market Strategy

Growing a company or new product is challenging and requires key knowledge to enter new segments or geographical markets. We combine domain knowledge with market analysis to create data-driven strategies which increase the success of new endeavours and reduce the lead time forachieving results.


Digital Adoption Strategy

Traditional industries are being disrupted by the advent of all things digital. Faced with the opportunities that new technologies provide, we support our clients in understanding what new technologies, including IoT, AI and Blockchain, are out there and how they can be integrated into plans for inclusive future growth and development.

Thriving in a digital economy

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Why we are different

We offer an unparalleled ecosystem. We have a highly skilled and experienced core team and a lean operating model which means that we are able to form assignment-specific teams that deliver the results you expect. 

We complement these with our global network of startups and experts. This means that we can deliver full-stack whenever you need us to.

Snapshot from our report on Digital Skills

The top five sectors for digital skills vacancies –  Total Vacancies per Sector

  • ICT – 8,307
  • Consulting – 2,655
  • Finance and Insurance – 1,257
  • Telecom – 1,205
  • Electronic Manufacturing – 1,002

From Our Community

“BluSpecs is an essential partner for the work we do at Aarhus University. As the coordinator of one of the IoT Large-Scale Pilots, SynchroniCity, we aim at developing and sustaining a helpful and successful ecosystem for the SME’s that are connected to the LSP programme and beyond. This is made possible by IoT Next Club and BluSpecs.”
Martin Brynskov

Coordinator, Aarhus University/Open and Agile Smart Cities

“BluSpecs can be trusted for find a solution to deliver results. A professional team with extensive experience in the field of knowledge-rich early-stage businesses and enterprise services. A small company with global impact.”

Claire Johnsen

Senior Innovation Adviser, St John's Innovation Centre, Cambridge

“BluSpecs urged us to think bigger, reach farther and commit to highest quality standard”

Andres Iborra

Director, CLOUD Incubator HUB

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